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Club Installation and New Member Induction
Date :  08 July 2024
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Collaboration for our Youths - Success. Unlocked. & Positive Self-Talk / PP Helen OR
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1st Board Meeting 2024/25
Date :  15 July 2024
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Cyber Security / Kaushik KOHLI
Date :  22 July 2024
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The Latest Cancer Treatment in US & Europe / Harris NG
Date :  29 July 2024
2016 - 2018
Be the Change
"Be the Change" ("the Society") is a registered non-profit society which was set up to help underprivileged ethnic minority children in Hong Kong with extracurricular education. This Society offers tuition in English, Chinese language and Mathematics to enable the ethnic minority children (studying in mainstream Hong Kong schools) to succeed in entrance examinations and thus pursue higher education which can further lead them to becoming self sufficient and responsible individuals. The vision of the Society is to ensure that these children are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life.

In March 2017, the members of Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui ("our Club") visited the Society’s centre in Tsim Sha Tsui to see volunteers tutoring the children in their academic studies. Our Club provided financial assistance to support their Chinese tuition classes. In addition, our members also helped to recruit more Chinese tutors as the society had expressed that the children learning Chinese was a major challenge.

Rotarians with the children and volunteers of "Be the Change"
Some of the children from "Be the Change"
2015 - 2016
Real Madrid C.F. Sports Clinic

Real Madrid C.F. is one of the leading Football Clubs in the world. The Spanish Club held a sports clinic in Hong Kong where selected young children in Hong Kong had the opportunity to undergo intensive football or basketball training. This training wasn’t only to improve the kids’ physical fitness, it also taught them certain core values in participation, team work and mutual respect.

Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui ("our Club") sponsored thirteen (13) under-privileged children from two organisations, “Be the Change” and “Caritas” to join the Sports Clinic.  Furthermore one child sponsored by our Club was selected to join the youth clinic of the local Oriental Football Club to continue his training, which is a dream come true for him!


The children of the Real Madrad C.F. Sports Clinic service project
2012 - 2015
The CEO Foundation  (www.ceo-foundation.org)

"The CEO Foundation" runs a number of children welfare programs in Luoyang City and Luoning County, Henan Province, China such as Family Anew Orphans Foster Care Program in Luoyang where many orphans had been abandoned by their parents due to their physical or mental disabilities and Special Education for these children.  The CEO Foundation is also running an Education Centre in Luoning County to provide education for pre-school children or kindergarten and for those orphans staying in the Luoning Orphanage Home.

Apart from providing financial assistance to these children, a number of members from Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui made annual visits to Luoyang and Luoning in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively. These trips to Luoyang and Luoning included visits to the foster families of the handicapped orphans and the Special Education Centres run by the CEO Foundation.

2012.05 Luoyang City
2013.05 Luoyang and Luoning
2014.08 Luoyang and Luoning

2013 - 2014

Dreams Come True Project 

This was a joint project with other Rotary Clubs from Area 7, District 3450.

The project entails interviewing applicants and discovering their dreams, soliciting and putting together the resources to fufil their dreams.

2011 - 2012
Man Kwan Education Organisation
During the 2011-12, Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui made a cash donation to the two schools of Man Kwan Education Organisation - Pak Kau College and QualiEd College to support two projects - one was to recruit some secondary students of Pak Kau College at Tin Shui Wai to teach magic to some primary students, who then performed to the elderly in the Tin Shui Wai district and the other project was to make use some free space of QualEd College at Tseung Kwan O to run some interest classes for the residents of Tseung Kwan O district.  Furthermore one of our Members was also invited to give a talk on Financial Planning for the students and parents of QualiEd College.
Rotarians attending the Opening Ceremony of the Service Project of Pak Kau College
One of the Members of Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui giving a Talk on Financial Planning
Closing Ceremony of the Service Project at Pak Kau College

2009 - 2010

Your Future is in Your Hands Project 

A joint project with other Rotary Clubs from Area 7, District 3450.



2004 - 2009
Nankai University Bursary Support, Tianjin, China 

This program was spearheaded by Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui ("our Club") and latterly supported by our sister club, the Rotary Club of Brisbane.

Over this period our Club donated close to HK$300,000 which was able to support over 200 under-privileged students who came from other parts of China to study at Nankai University, Tianjin but were facing difficulties in meeting their day to day living expenses. In 2004, some of our Rotarians visited the University to kick off the project.

20041028-1 PP Percy presenting contribution to Chancellor.jpg 
Cheque Presentation to the Vice Chancellor of Nankai University in 2004
20041028-2 Chancellor presenting plaque to PP Percy.jpg
Plaque Presentation by the Vice Chancellor of Nankai University to Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui
20041028-3 PP Francis and PP Percy with Student Group-A.jpg
20041028-4 PP Ivan and PP Raymond with Student Group-C.jpg
Rotarians talking to some of the students of Nankai University
20041028-5 Group Picture of Rotarians with Nankai Students.jpg
Group photo of Rotarians and Students
20041028-6 Group Picture of Rotarians with Chancellor.jpg
Group Photo of Rotarians and the Staff of Nankai University 


2005 - 2006
School Refurbishment, Sha Shui Xian, China 

It was a joint project with several Rotary Clubs.



2003 - 2004
Lingnan University Alumni Association (HK) Primary School 

Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui donated several pieces of table-tennis equipment to Lingnan University Alumni Association (HK) Primary School.



2002 - 2005
Essential School Supplies to 5 schools in Sichuan, China 

These schools were located in the mountainous region of Sichuan and it was a joint project of Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui together with the Rotary Club of Raetihi-Ohakune, New Zealand.



2002 - 2003

Papua New Guinea

Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui supplied some tools to a vocatioal training school in Papua New Guinea.



1997 - 1998

The Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services 

During the Christmas party in 1997, Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui raised approximately HKD7,000 for the The Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services, which has the motto of "Children Come First".  The cheque of the donation was presented on 1998.01.12.